Mothersun is for the mother, the sun, and the moon.              For the sisterhood.                                                                        For the child.

 XOXO, Mothersun


Mothersun and the Captain Mothersun and the Captain is clothing and products made to make every day life more beautiful and art filled for the Warrior Woman, the Mermaid, the Goddess, the Pachama, and all the Baby Unicorns.  Mothersun puts her artwork on graphic tees and breastfeeding tanks, trucker hats, coffee mugs,  round towels, and art posters for the home, nursery, and office.  All the magic happens in her studio by the sea in Santa Barbara, California.

Mothersun is a rebirth after Lindsey Mickelson became a mom when she turned 30.  She had spent the previous 8 years running her screen printing shop and graphic t-shirt company in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara and towards the end of her pregnancy, she decided to close it all down, sell it, and focus on being a mom.  In June of 2015 her baby girl Soleil (“sun” in french) was born.  She spent almost a year figuring out who she was in this new life.  In March of 2015, she realized who she was.  She had become Mothersun.