Introducing the 2nd installment of the SS2017 WILD GOLD MAGIC.  I have had so much fun curating this new store for you.  I really wanted to expand what 'I offer but at the same time I wanted to stay true to my brand and my lifestyle here in Santa Barbara.  I grew up in a beautiful coastal island beach town in Alabama called Gulf Shores and that area really holds special offerings that I have found during my travels there.  So combining my roots there with my life here in California has helped me develop something that I hope you find so special.  

I wanted to make things that I need in my life.  Like a really special reusable cup with a lid that I can put coffee in or wine for the beach at sunset.  I want to fill my house with home decor that includes my art as well as pieces that you can't just find anywhere.  Right now, Sol is sooo into Unicorns, so Unicorns played a huge role in this second Summer installment as well.  And the new Unicorn round towel is freaking seriously amazing.  That also explains my new hair color, my unicorn mane, for Sol.  You can access the main store here, the hat store here, and the art store here.  There are new goodies in each of them.  I hope you enjoy Lovaz!!!  All these photos are by my dearest friend, Shannon Jayne Miller.

Interview with Rise & Align

A customer of mine, Nicole Lang, has a really special podcast called Rise and Align.  I had the honor to be interviewed by her earlier this year.  We talked about my journey through my career and into motherhood.  We talk about the importance of women supporting women, about having friends with conflicting political views, about being a warrior woman, and so much more.  

Birthday Trip to the Lake


These days, when I think about birthdays, I really think about the mom first.  That day she did all the work.  She birthed not only her child, but herself as well. She became a new human that day.  So, I have decided that every year, when I celebrate Sol's birthday, I will celebrate myself that day too.  Because it is my birthday as well.  This year I wanted to do something special, especially because this is really the first year Sol's dad and I are doing this as single parents.  So, for my weekend, I really wanted to go big.

I planned a girls trip with my two best friends who just happened to have children that were Sol's besties too.  The trip consisted of a 5 hour train ride from SB to SD and then a 45 minute drive out to my parents' house in the east part of San Diego County.  We had such a blast!!!!  BTW, traveling by train with kids is the BEST!  I will remember this trip always.  Here are some of my fav picis from the weekend.  We lounged hardcore, took canoe rides, swam in the beautiful lake, drank wine, had slumber parties with our babies, ate so much good food, and got to hang out with my parents who are the best grandparents in the whole world.  Honestly, it was a little tough coming back, but I do have to launch the Summer Collection next week so I am pretty excited about that too.  


Oh my gosh, it has arrived!  WILD GOLDEN MAGIC is my first of two installments for Spring and Summer 2017.  I worked with some pretty fantastic women with this launch, for new products as well as this super fun lookbook shoot.  The lineup:

New Products:  My Hat collab with Run Wild Child Co, my banner collab with Harlows House, a beautiful new handmade macrame dream catcher by my dear friend Hannah, new shirt designs with some really special artwork of mine.  I have a brand new hat collection as well.  I have more surprises coming in June for the second installment of this collection, so stay tuned.  IT only gets more WILD and GOLDEN and MAGIC

Lookbook:  My photographer is my bestie Shannon Jayne Miller, my style assistant is Bri of @thebutterflyhigh, and my amazing talented business owners at Whiskey X Leather helped me style the shoot with ridiculously cool clothes from their store.  This was so amazingly fun, I do hope you enjoy our work.  

XOXO, Mothersun

Easter Weekend Dancing in the Flowers

Hi my lovelies!  My Bestie Mama and I took our girls to El Capitan State Beach to shoot amongst the mustard flowers a few days ago.  It was amazingly beautiful.  We brought some of Nicole's new Spring items from her shop LoveThreads and we paired them with my trucker hats and my Mother Magic Breatsfeeding tank.  The girls had a blast running amongst the flowers.  We even had a picnic afterwards right there in all the yellow.  It was so special.  The girls will be celebrating their 3rd birthdays soon.  I think they look so grown up in their easter dresses.  

And FYI, if you would like to reserve a Mother Magic bamboo and organic cotton tank, I am opening up pre-order today.  They are in production right now and will be ready to ship by May 1st, right in time for Mothers' Day.  ALSO, I am launching my Spring Line Sunday night April 30th so please stay tuned!

The Happiness Retreat Recap

OH MY GOD-DESS.  What a whirlwind of a weekend that was.  I am and forever will be on Cloud 9 from the first annual Happiness Retreat.  I am so googly-eyed over the intense life changing retreat that Lauren Bragg and Janice Evert cofounded.  I am so truly honored I got to help be a part of this event and I will contribute to and attend this event forever.

We got to spend an entire weekend at the gorgeous Goodland Hotel in Santa Barbara while surrounding ourselves with positive empowering women and attended all day long workshops, meditation, and yoga classes.  We had a goal setting session, a meditation workshop, a feng shui class, numerous gorgeous local organic meals, happy hours, girls nights, environmental education, henna tattoos, massage, and an all female entrepreneur panel.  I got to henna the attendees, sell my coffee mugs (I sold every last bit of them!) and sit on the entrepreneur panel.  I feel blessed to have been a part of the speakers and I feel grateful to have been an attendee.  AND world famous female business icons Sophie Jaffee from The Philosophie and Jordan Younger from The Balanced Blonde were the big guest speakers on Friday night.  

I highly recommend  all women, no matter where you are in your spiritual and/or career journey,  to join us next year in this retreat.  I will carry the valuable things I learned with me forever.   And I made lasting amazing relationships with the women who experienced it all with me.  Happiness Retreat for Life!!!

Mom Boss

One of my fabulous momprenuer besties told me about this Being Boss podcast and I absolutely love it.  I have been listening to it in the car and while I work in the studio instead of listening to the news.  Janice of the Happiness Retreat posted this particular episode in our closed FB group and I thought it would perfect to share here too on the blog.  Enjoy mom bosses

Mothersun Does Yoga

I recently teamed up with my sister company Solei Yoga, LA yoga instructor, Marielle Ebersol (@brighteyesyogini), and Daughters of Culture to produce this yoga inspired lookbook shoot in Venice.  The whole day was full of sparks and smiles and love. Soleil joined me on set and wasa dream toddler.  She was so awesome.  After watching Marielle do her yoga poses for the camera, Sol would imitate her poses.  It was so rad. 

We styled my trucker hats with Alo yoga and Daughters of culture and Solei Yoga bags, and I love this whole combo.  It worked really great.  I just started selling to a few yoga shops, so this is all in alignment for Mothersun.  If you are a yoga retailer and interested in any of my goods, please shoot me an email at

Cheers Darling, To New Beginnings : Valentine's Day Edition


I grieved the biggest loss of my life in 2016.  It was the loss of my family.  Last year I announced my split from Sol's Dad.  My Captain.  My best friend and lover of 8 years and the father to our soulmate, Soleil.  I watched things slowly start to change towards the end of my pregnancy.  It would take me two more years to finally tell myself that the type of relationship I found myself in, was not in the least bit empowering, that it was not the right kind of love.  I opened up about my heartbreak and my situation moving into the realm of single motherhood.  I was honest but not combative and did not talk badly about Sol's dad.  I never would have guessed what was about to happen next...

All of a sudden, emails, dm's and texts began flooding in from women who had found themselves in similar situations.  These women thanked me for my honesty and they told me I give them strength.  The support we have all given back to eachother this year is astonishing.  I am honored to have this support and love from women all over the world, and I send it all back to every single one of you.

I wanted to take a few minutes to write about how I dealt through my loss and resurection of 2016:

I left on Mothers' Day.  And every day after, I cried.  I found myself crying every day.  I live in the land of precious young families, all who are my dear friends, and all of a sudden, I didn't have a family.  I would soon learn from the help of other women who had left too, that my idea of "family" would evolve into a different version.  I am pretty sure I was depressed.  I mean, I had never been depressed before, but I am pretty sure thats what I had become.  I found comfort in smoking weed when Sol wasn't around to numb my feelings.  To numb my reality.  I stayed in my pj's alot.  I cried when she wasn't around.  I grieved.  I grieved my loss.  The loss of my family.  The death of my family.  I grieved and I grieved.  I kept it all from Sol.  The grieving part.  Some of your emails to me talked about how you cry in the bathroom when your kids aren't looking.  Yep.  I know.  Me too.  

I remember taking Sol to her first ballet class a few months after the split.  I watched her be a star.  I watched her so confidently stand in front of the teacher, not needing me at all, so focused on what the teacher was doing and her following along and understanding everything, instantly.  And I fought back the tears because I had never and will never get credit for who she had become.  I spent every day of her life with her for her first two years, I dedicated my life to her and my household, giving up my career for them.  And I would never ever get credit for what I had created.  And it tore into my heart and shredded it to pieces.  

I didn't want the other parents to see me cry.  All the other parents were married, live in beautiful adult homes, and are having their second babies.  I was now amongst them as an outsider.  Of course they would never make me feel that way, they are all my dearest friends, but, I couldn't help but feel that way.  All of a sudden, I was not like them.  I had my own tiny ass house, I slept alone, I did everything alone, I parented alone, every event or party I showed up alone.  I don't get to make another baby like Sol so that she has a brother or sister to share her life with.  It's starting to get hard for me to write this...  I need to go blow my nose and wipe away a few tears.

These days, I'm feelin better.  What I would like to say to those who are reading this because they are in this too, is that the only way to live life for a while is day by day.  Just get through today.  And then get through tomorrow.  And then get through next week.  And little by little, you find yourself getting through those days better and better.  You have to grieve your loss.  If you push it away and hide it, it will come back tenfold.  It will haunt you.  It will ruin your next relationship.  Deal with it.  Fucking cry.  Cry and cry.  Soon, the tears will dry up.  Something in your life just died.  It's necessary to grieve.  I remember calling my mom one day towards the end of October and telling her that I was finally ready to stop being sad.  That I was ready to focus on becoming the best version of myself.  That if I could do that, then my career would be back on track and I could be living my dreams finally.  Of course, its so much easier said than done.  

The next step after I took time to face my sadness, was to indulge and focus on some major self care.  I got my hair cut, I got a new skincare routine, I bought new decor for my new home, I bought new plants, I took Sol out on date nights with just the two of us, I exercised tremendously, I went to bars that I hadn't been to in years, and most effectively, I had ALONE TIME.  I began to cherish the nights that I actually didn't have Sol.  For the first time in years, I had time to myself.  And the other most important thing I began to do was to put blinders on and not allow all the horrible things that were being said to me about myself as a mom and a woman were not true and to not let it infiltrate into my psyche and my heart.  Thats where ultimate strength is grown, I believe.  To not have to defend yourself, to just let it go.  Fuuuuuck that is a hard one!  I still have major trouble with this, but whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, eh?

This year, you will find me pouring my heart into my career as Mothersun, because this year, I have nothing holding me down.  I took a break to give birth to my Soulmate and now I am back to rise again.  If you are going through this with me, we are Phoenixes Rising up through the Ashes.  We are magnificent unstoppable beings.  We are Warriors.  We are Goddesses.  And when we are ready to love again, the only men we will attract are men like Ryan Gosling who give their partners all the credit they deserve (did you hear his Golden Globes speech?  I meeeeeean, googoogaagaa).  The little Boomerang video below reminds me that I am right where I am supposed to be.  With my soulmate in my arms and I am so thankful for her dad for helping me create this magnificent being.  All is right in my world.

And one last thing.  You are not alone.  And if you feel alone, write me.  I am here for you.  And to most of the women who wrote me last year, I even sent them a special Mothersun something to remind them that they are warriors.  I can send you one too.  And if you did write me and I didn't ask you for your address, don't hesitate on writing me again and giving me your address!    

Mothersun X Wren Floral : Valentine Special

I have quite a few badass women in my life who are fellow entrepreneurs here in Santa Barbara.  One such woman is Emma of Wren Floral.  I have watched her grow her business over the last few years and now she is taking on a brick and mortar in the Funk Zone, right across the street from my old screen printing shop.  We got together last week to shoot a Valentine Day inspired photoshoot and I am in love with what we did.  Featured in our shoot is my Goddess Coffee Mug, my organic cotton PEACE shirt, my Dreamer trucker hat, and adorable V-Day cards by Dance Party Prints by Meghann Miniello.   

If you live in SB, Wren is doing some pretty fantastic Valentine's Day gifts for your loved one(s).  They are at 11 Anacapa Street 7am-6pm on V-Day.  You can pick up or they deliver.  Here is what is on the V-Day Menu:

If We Accepted Each Other's Differences

Something really remarkable happened in my life the day after the Women's March.  I posted something about how I had lost a significant amount of followers due to my support for Planned Parenthood.  In the same remark, I stated, "That's ok, I don't need people in my life who believe that Planned Parenthood is a baby killing organization anyways."  

Minutes laster, I received a message from a girlfriend of mine saying how disappointed she was in me for saying that because she is one of those people who believe Planned Parenthood is a baby killing organization.  Now, this girlfriend of mine, she is a lawyer who is very intelligent, very respectful, and she has always supported my business from day one.  I care about what she has to say and I certainly care about her feelings, and I do cherish her friendship.  I, in no way, would ever want to disrespect her.

So, how did I handle her message about how upset she was about what I said?  I went back and deleted that one line that made her so upset and I wrote her back and told her that I was listening and that I was so appreciative of what she said.  I have spoken about my support for Planned Parenthood before a few times on Instagram (even though I know it is suicide for a business to speak about politics) and each time, those who oppose Planned Parenthood have been nasty, have ridiculed me, and have unfollowed me.  So, before my friend ever messaged me about that remark I made, I had already made up in my mind that I would be defensive when people were mean about the things I shared on my page.  Well, when I said that comment, I became one of those nasty people on the other side of the coin.  So in a sense, I had done to my friend what those othershad done to me.  And I felt horrible for it.

I will never ever ever try to convince her about my super strong belief about why Planned Parenthood really is not a baby killing organization.  And she will never be able to convince me that Planned Parenthood is a baby killing organization.  But, what we can do , is continue to be friends, no matter what we believe in.  I do hope that we will be friends forever, and I truly look up to her in higher regards now than I ever did.  I respect her as my friend, as a woman, as an American, and as a citizen to humanity.  And that is what matters most, especially in these crazy times.  That we LOVE EACHOTHER NO MATTER WHAT.  I do wish we could all look at each other and accept our differences the way my friend and I did, and to live in peace amongst each other.  

I was vegan for 8 years, and the meat eaters were the one's who took it so defensively when I told them I did not eat any animal products.  Why  the hell should they care?  I was not preaching to them about why I did not eat animals.  And I did not care that they chose to eat meat.  It was just my choice, in my own life.  And it was their choice, in their own life, to eat meat. Why was it that something so simple like what kind of food we choose to eat, can spark controversy when its different from your own lifestyle?  For you to be a meat eater and for me to be a vegan makes this earth so much cooler than if we all did the same boring thing.  And how beautiful is that?  Diversity is so beautiful.  Differences are so necessary.  Why do we seem to not be able to accept eachother's differences and move on with our lives?     

Women's March X Santa Barbara

Holy shit Y'all, what crazy times to be an American, and to be alive.  I as a 33 year old have never been a part of a revolution before.  I truly feel like the women's march was a breathing living pulsating act of love felt throughout the entire world.  To stand with these amazing citizens of society who gave a huge fuck about what is happening felt good, it felt strong.  We stood in solidarity for so much.

Now, if I had written this blog post as soon as I got home from the march, I would have written a completely different blog post as I am writing today, a week later.  The whole world was on such a high, we all felt so amazing, so accomplished.  And then what did Trump do?  He told us that he didn't give a shit about what we are saying and in fact, he would punish us more cruelly for it.

And that he did.  But I know, that we are strong, that this fight isn't over.  I know we can show the rest of the world that he is not our president and he does not speak for us.  That we welcome refugees into this country to find safe refuge and new life and prosperity, and we love and appreciate this beautiful diversity that this country has always been.  World, please know that this is who we truly are. And that even though, somehow part of this country voted him in, there are more of us who voted him out.  And we are intelligent, we are strong, we are passionate, and we will never back down.

Here is a little bit of my photos from that unforgettable day...

The Happiness Retreat

Y'ALL!!!  I am so excited to talk to you about the Happiness Retreat.  I am honored to be working with the creators behind this amazing empowering ladies' weekend getaway in Santa Barbara March 3, 2017.  If your goals for 2017 are anything like mine, they are to focus on some major self care, self love, and to invest in my own happiness.  The retreat covers all the bases and will be held at my fav boutique hotel in SB, The Goodland:





We are including a swag bag of bitchin products worth hundreds of dollars including Teeki yoga leggings, Solei Yoga yoga straps, Mothersun hats, beauty products, books and more.  In addition to that, we will have a professional photographer from LA on site to snap marketing photos for you and your blog or business, as well as head shots for an additional charge.  Every woman will leave with a henna tattoo by me.  The list goes on and on.  

So if you want to invest in an even better you this year, we would love to have you.   There are 30 spots available so it will be a very intimate occasion.  I look forward to making new deeply rooted relationships with you women. Below I have included images of the badass venue accomodations at the Goodland Hotel.    Here is my link for you to reserve your space with us  

My Dreamer Hat in the Glitter Guide

The woman responsible for this epic nursery design is my dear art school friend, graphic designer Meghann Miniello.  You HAVE to check out her exquisite website here.  Meghann and I had babies around the same time and she is also an avid supporter of Mothersun.  Meghann's nursery was recently featured on The Glitter Guide and she was so sweet enough to include my Dreamer hat that she ordered for her little girl Frankie James.  I am seriously in awe of her work with Frankie's room.  There is so much attention to detail and you can also see Meghann's typography work and laser cuts throughout her daughter's room which is my fav part.  Check out my fav pics below, and you can read her entire interview here. 

My First Christmas as a Single Mom

There I am.  With a big glass of wine in hand.  Although I am trying really hard to not drown myself in my sorrows, wine really does help.  So, here it is.  The week I have dreaded most since May.  On Mothers' Day of this year, I left an 8 yr long romance with Sol's Dad.  It was the best and hardest decision I have ever made.  While I have ZERO regrets from leaving something that would never have been what I always wanted it to be, I still knew there would be a million more tough things I would have to get through with the decision I had made.  The hardest thus far, is celebrating Christmas while "splitting" my child 50/50.  That sentence right there makes me wanna go pour myself another full glass of Sauv Blanc.  

I will never forget the day I had to walk into mediation to hash out how we were gonna divide our time with our daughter for the rest of our lives.  I was a complete wreck.  I sat on the stairs of the Santa Barbara court house crying my eyes out and then trying super hard to calm down, dry my eyes, blow my nose, and walk in there with the same courage that told myself I needed to leave in the first place.  I had decided to give up this Xmas with her because I know when she is 3.5, it will be way more comprehensive for her than this year as a 2.5 year old.  But holy shit.  How would I get through this year without her on Christmas?  Ok, cue to pour another glass.  

So, the dreaded week has arrived.  My parents (who are god's gift to a toddler's Christmas) and I decided to celebrate Christmas with Sol the weekend before.  We would pretend that Sat night was Christmas eve.  We put out milk and cookies for Santa and we all read The Night Before Christmas.  We went to bed and woke up to an empty cookie plate (Sol was in total bewilderment) and a room full of presents and a stocking that was bursting at the seams.  I tried so hard to block the creeping thoughts of what was I going to do on actual Xmas when the rest of the world celebrates it?  Wine for breakfast?  That is not ok.  How would I even be able to wake up Christmas morning without my Sun?  

Then, I finally snapped out of it.  Ok, time to quit the self pity.  I am not the only one in the world who has to split custody of a child.  In California alone, the divorce rate is 60%.  I am not alone.  So, I shook myself free from my sadness of celebrating Xmas on Dec 18th, as opposed to the 25th.  And I came up with a new concept for the rest of my life.  This weekend, when I am without Sol, I am going to have adult time with myself.  I am going to take advantage of my time without a child, and do things that I normally can't do anymore.  Like go out on a hot date.  Go shopping.  Buy a new dress and go out.  Plan a friends dinner with my many friends who don't have kids.  Sleep in!  Smoke pot!  Masturbate (ya, I said it)!  Buy new succulents.  Get a foot massage.  Put on a NuSkin Mask and get my skin young again!  Dye my hair pink?  No, probably not.  And I will use this new concept during all the times that I don't get to be with Sol.  I am going to take advantage of having ME TIME for the FIRST TIME since she was born.  

In times like this, I find it so important to look at the many wonderful things happening in my life.  I am sure alot of you following @thegraygang on instagram.  The other day she had posted a sad message about two different moms who had lost their toddlers this year due to rare viral diseases and that they were spending their first Christmas without their child.  My heart bleeds for these moms.  And it makes my worries seem so acute in the scheme of life.  Sidenote,  Tiff (@thegraygang) is raising money for these mamas and if you would like to donate funds this Christmas, she is asking us to send money to her paypal account:  I am sending 50$, I wish I had more to give, but I hope that helps.

So, if you are going through any type of heartbreak this holiday season, remember you are not alone and really take some time for major self love and self care.  Be soft on yourself.  Don't feel like you have to have your shit together.  Cry if you need to.  And don't beat yourself up if you need to cry.  We all know that time is the only thing that truly heals.  And imagine how next year, you will be in a completely different place.  A better place.  Because the universe is perfect.  And what we are going through now is propelling us into a higher consciousness, a higher vibration, a better life than we could ever dream of.  

So, the photos below are a little recap of my Christmas with Sol, a week earlier than the calendar Christmas.  But no less of a Christmas, that is a fact.  AND I included the first 3 picis from our little house we have created this year for just the two of us.  We got our own little tree and decorations, and it has been quaint and cute, and I am really fucking proud of myself.   


My Design and Screen Printing Process

Oooooh my gosh y'all, I found this in an old hard drive from my old business today and I HAD to put it up to show you.  I made this fun video about my designing and printing process with my old dear friend Ryan Wolfe and we never launched it or showed anyone.  Ya I was really bad at marketing back then.  So I am excited to actually get it out in the world.  My process is exactly the same now as it was back then:  I draw and paint, scan my artwork into the computer and then make screen printable graphics.  This is really fun for me to show you also because you can see into my print shop that I had for 6 years.  This was my first baby, my everything, my heart and soul, before Soleil was born.  Please enjoy!  And welcome to my world!

Big Red Sun X Mothersun

I had the best time at Big Red Sun on Sunday for our Holiday show.  This place is AMAZING.  It is down in Venice on Rose Ave and it is a gem.  The owner, Selena, is a LADY BOSS.  She is a landscape designer and I have never seen work like hers.  She started her business in Austin and now lives in Los Angeles and has a beautiful brick and mortar here in Venice.  I am in awe of her and left her space super inspired by her brilliance.  AND she is going to start carrying my coffee mugs in her store!  Here are some shots of my installation in her store.

We Stand for Standing Rock

Waking up today with more sad news from Standing Rock and how the peaceful protestors were brutally attacked last night was rather devastating.  The whole story is absolutely mind blowing.  I want to help and although I cannot give physical help, I have been losing sleep about how I could possibly have a voice in all of this.  I have a small business and I am supporting myself and my daughter in Santa Barbara, CA.  I know in January I will owe a shit ton of money in sales tax.  However, I believe that we can somehow give back to causes that are bigger than us.  

I am teaming up with Solei Yoga to donate 10% of proceeds made from the sales of my Goddess coffee mug, and Solei will be donating 10% of proceeds made from all of her yoga strap sales.  If you do not follow her, make sure to find her, she is amazing.  These are the products that are helping send money to Standing Rock:


If you would like to help, consider purchasing those products listed above for your loved ones through out the holidays.  Also, there are so many other ways to contribute.  I am sure you have seen this info already, but if not, here it is.  I found all of this here at this Paper Mag link

1.  Donate money and supplies to the Sacred Stone Camp

You can contribute money to the protester camp's official GoFundMe account, which will go toward purchasing water, food, propane, blankets and other supplies. Checks, cash or supplies (an extensive list of what they need is here) can also be sent through the mail to: 
Sacred Stone Camp, P.O. Box 1011, Fort Yates, ND 58538


202 Main Street, Fort Yates, ND 58538

Alternatively, you can also supplies via the group's Amazon WishList.

2.  Donate to the Standing Rock Sioux 

The Standing Rock Sioux are currently soliciting donations for legal, sanitary and emergency purposes. You can either donate via their PayPal account or by mailing checks (payable to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe - Donations) to:

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Attention: Donations, PO Box D, Building #1, North Standing Rock Avenue, Fort Yates, ND 58538

3.  Donate to the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund

Protesters have also set up a legal defense fund to help defray the legal bills of those involved in the protests. To save the group processing fees, you can also donate directly to their PayPal account at

4.  Call the people in power

You can call the people who have the ability to do something.

A. Jack Dalrymple, Governor of North Dakota: 701-328-2200
B. Army Corps of Engineers (demand to reverse the permit): 202-761-5903

C. The executives at Energy Transfer Partners, the company building the pipeline.

i. Lee Hanse
Executive Vice President
(210) 403-6455 

ii. Glenn Emery
Vice President
(210) 403-6762 

iii. Michael (Cliff) Waters
Lead Analyst
(713) 989-2404 

5.  Sign the petition asking the White House to stop DAPL construction.

You can sign here.


6.  Donate to Standing Rock's Health Clinic

As brought to our attention by BrokeAssStuart, UCSF's Do No Harm Coalition is setting up the Mni Wiconi (Water is Life) Health Clinic, which is a free, integrative and volunteer-based clinic that seeks to provide care to everyone in the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. They are currently raising funds to open the doors, obtain equipment and medications -- an essential component of the protests as there is no local healthcare access for the people assembled at Standing Rock. Donate here.

Mothersun Fall/Winter 2016 Has Arrived


This collection is unlike anything I have ever done before.  I simplified things around here and I also decided to print on dreamy comfy-as-heck organic cotton fabrics, recycled polyesters, and bamboo.  I brought back the breastfeeding tanks because they are so needed for so many women.  I am breastfeeding after 2.5 years and I still need them every time we go out, which is ever day!  I also brought back Mother Magic because it was a best seller and then I stopped making them because in my artist mind I am OCD and I have to constantly be making something new.  

This collection represents me in the new life I have created for myself sans Soleil's Dad.  I ended the relationship with my best friend and baby daddy earlier this year and have spent the summer and early fall doing some major healing and self care and exploring who I am in this new chapter and most importantly, how Mothersun was really going to support Soleil and myself financially.  So, voila, here is the new me.  A Warrior.  A weightless source of Light.  A Mother.  An Entrepreneur.  An Artist.  

I hope you enjoy this new direction, I really think it is the most refined version of my business.  I love you all and thank you for being here.  And now.... drum roll please, introducing "Mother*Goddess" photographed by my dear Shannon Jayne Miller of my dear long time friend and proprietress of the Juice Ranch, Erin Gomez and her family of boys.  

My Interview with Mom Angeles

I had the honor of being interviewed for Los Angeles based publication Mom Angeles.....


1. Tell us a little about your company.

Mothersun and the Captain is mom, toddler, and baby clothes made with so much love in Santa Barbara, CA.  Over the last year, my brand has expanded to round towels, hand printed trucker hats for kids and adults, a nautical alphabet poster, coffee mugs, and nursery art prints.  It all began after I became a mom when I turned 30.  I had spent my previous 8 years growing a screen printing shop and graphic t-shirt company in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara and towards the end of my pregnancy, I decided close it all down, sell it, and focus on being a mom.  In June of 2015 my baby girl Soleil (“sun” in french) was born.  I spent almost a year figuring out who I was in this new life.  In March of 2015, it hit me.  I had become Mothersun.

2. What made you want to start this company?

I started Mothersun actually because I needed a tank top that would allow me to nurse in public with ease.  I realized that getting dressed for a day out in the world with a newborn had to be strategic.  Could I pull out my boob easily without hassle?  So I started making these muscle tanks with larger armholes so I could pull my breast out from the side without having to lift up my shirt and making it obvious.  It was also during the whole normalize breastfeeding movement and I was determined to breast feed on the regular in public.  It became a personal mission.  In addition to that, I of course wanted to make cool graphic onesies for my new baby.  I had been printing adult tees for almost a decade, so naturally, when Soleil arrived, all I wanted to do was draw for her and make clothes for her.


3. What is it about LA that benefits your business or initiative most?

LA has always been a major resource for my businesses.  Ever since I was 22 years old, I frequently drive to LA from Santa Barbara to source fabrics, talk to showrooms and sales reps, to learn about the industry, to attend fashion shows and events.  LA is a learning tool for anyone with a big dream.  I owe so much to LA in the last decade of my life while I built my entrepreneurial career up here in SB.  The opportunities are endless in LA.  You talk to one person who leads you to another person who leads you to another.  It is pretty remarkable.


4. Tell us a little about yourself. Are you an LA native? Where did you grow up? How did you end up in LA?

I grew up in a small island town off the coast of Alabama in the Gulf of Mexico.  The town is called Gulf Shores, Alabama.  I moved to Santa Barbara when I was 18 years old to attend UCSB.  I majored in art studio and minored in French.  When I was 21, I spent a year studying art and french in Bordeaux, France.  When I came back to CA, I was a totally new person.  I knew I would create for the rest of my life, because that is what made me happy.   After coming home, every step I ever took was directed toward building an art brand.  I was a fine artist at the time and wanted the masses to see my paintings.  So I started printing my artwork onto t-shirts.  I funded the operation by selling my fine art paintings for thousands of dollars and then taking that money to invest in inventory and eventually I built a whole screen printing shop.

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