Wow, so this is my first blog post of my rebirth.  I am formerly the owner of CMND-Z Art Apparel and Print Shop.  My hayday consisted of printing shirts for over 100 local businesses and other clothing lines, throwing the biggest parties, making mistakes, getting screwed over, triumphing, and producing a shit ton of art, art shows, and fashion shows.  

Then..... I found out I was pregnant on my 30th birthday.  And everything changed after that.  My baby daddy, who actually helped me start CMND-Z in 2008, helped me prep my work for what was to come.  I sold my print shop and moved out of my epic art district space in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara, moved my workspace into our new home, and concentrated on relaxing and detaching myself from my crazy work-addicted normality.  Soleil came on June 12th, 2014 after 40 hours of natural childbrith.

Now, after 4.5 months of life with her, I know what my calling is.  I have spent the last few months wondering, "Who am I?"  I am not the same person I was before Soleil.  I am a new human.  I am now Mothersun.    

This is Soleil on 2 day of life and my henna warrior paint still on my belly after labor.