Mothersun Wall Art

I have been drawing more now than I have in a really long time.  Truth is that I started my last business, CMND-Z Clothing, because I wanted to make art for a living.  Long story short, art became the last thing I got to do.  The business side took over and I had to do each and ever task invlolved which left no time to making art.  When I sold my print shop after I had Soleil, I finally had the chance to be an artist again, and only and artist (and of course a mom!).  

I no longer had to manage employees, interns, and contractors.  I no longer had to pay a huge overhead every month to keep the dream alive.  I no longer had to print for all the other businesses in town.  Now I could finally just sit down and create.  Truth is, I had to prove to myself that I was still an artist.  Could I draw, design, paint like I could when I made art for art's sake?  Answer is HELL YES.  Like riding a bike.  And now its on like donkey kong. I have my first 3 prints for sale on the website now.  Below are some images of some of my customers who have my artwork up in their homes and their nurseries.  Makes my heart sing to know that my art is adorning walls out there in the world.  These prints will all be on clothing really soon!!!