I rebirthed! Officially!

I took the plunge and offically launched my new business to the world today.  I have felt so overwhelmed with the idea of starting a new biz for myself, managing my baby daddy's biz (he has a commercial crab fishing biz which requires a ton of accounting and crossing T's and dotting I's), AND being able to still concentrate on Soleil and being available to be the best mom I can be. 

I also felt like I had lost myself as an artist and I have been trying to figure out who I am and what I want to accomplish with my creative work.  In my former life with CMND-Z Clothing, I had to be more of a business woman (which required endless non creative tasks) and less of an artist.  Now that I have sold that business and let go of my work addiction (somewhat!) I am excited to concentrate on one creative endeavor.  Et Voila!  Here comes Mothersun & the Captain, a play on my family makeup- Mother Me, Sun Soleil, and my Fisherman Captain.  

Right now I am adding product slowly so that I do not oversaturate my already crazy schedule and I just put up my first product for sale today!  It is an art print of my new persona Mothersun and I already have it up in my nursery, see below.  It fits an 8x10 frame, or a matted 11x14 frame.  Or you don't even need a frame at all, like how I tacted it up with fancy pins.  Use coupon LAUNCH for free shipping now until V-Day.  A perfect V-Day gift for your Warrior Woman self or your warrior baby.  Thank you so much for tuning in Y'all!  This is gonna be a fun ride.  More prints coming later this week and clothes for Women, Men, and babies comin in about 2 weeks.

XOXO Mothersun