And Ending and a Beginning

I have two dear friends who are due to have their babies any day now.  Both of these friends did not find out the sex, I really encouraged them to not find out since the Captain and I did it too and it was the most thrilling surprise of our lives.  Anywho, I have been talking to them frequently about labor and the countdown to the big day which signifies the end of blissfull pregnancy, and even more so, the end of just the two of you.  The end of your former self, your wild and free life, your flings, and your romps.  It is the end of no repsonsibility, the end of your selfish self.  And the beginning of the best time of your life.  A new you.  A you that you have never known before.  A better you.  A more graceful you.  A more loving and patient you.  It takes my breath away just thinking of it all.  Sol just turned 9 months and I still relive the last days of being my old self and the first few days with her on this planet and in our lives.  This post is an account of the ending and the beginning for the Captain and I 9 months ago today when we brought the ultimate Sunshine into our lives.