Goddess Message of the Week x Eireen

If you have been tuning in to the blog recently you have seen Soleil's and my Goddess Card readings.  I have been pulling them with her since she was born.  Now I receive my weekly message through her.   If you draw angel cards at all, you know that you always receive exactly what you need to hear in divine timing. 


This week, we call upon Goddess Eireen.  She stands for peace.  I got the card meaning from Talk with the Goddess : There is no need to worry, as everything is working out beautifully. Even though appearances may seem chaotic, I assure you that a higher plan is in action. This all loving power carrying you and supporting you completely.Your gratitude attracts even more blessing into your life. 

For me, this could not be better timing with the launch of Mothersun & the Captain.  I cannot tell you how this card knocked me off my feet.  There was so much build up getting the business ready to launch and now that it is out there, I feel peace.  I know that everything is in it's rightful place and to not worry.  Everything happens in divine timing and I give thanks to the Universe for all that I have.  Take this with you this week my loves.  Plain and simple, it will bring you peace with all the endeavors that surround you.  Ease your mind and carry on.