Mothersun Art

So, I started my last company, CMND-Z, because I wanted to make art and put my art on t-shirts.  My tagline for the company was GO BACK TO ART.  Over the course of 8 years, I made art less and less.  My responsibilities as business owner took over, and my Creator self was expressed only twice a year when I had to quickly launch a new season.  My promise to myself during this whole rebirthing process with Mothersun is to finally MAKE ART on a regular basis.  Of course it is still hard to sit down with my sketchbook due to all my mommy duties, but, I am getting back on track with my intentions, dreams, and goals.  I have some great artwork coming soon on my new mama and baby clothing, but I do not wanna share them until they are printed and ready for sale!  Here is some of my Mothersun artwork that I have managed to get out of my system.  And if you see any you like, you can buy some of my wall art here for $20 a print.