Blessing Way Vs. Baby Shower

The photo above is from my Blessing Way exactly a year ago this week.  A couple months ago I shared the whole story on my blog, you can see the details of My Blessing Way here.  A blessing way is not as common as the baby shower event we as a culture are so familiar with.  They stem from old Native American ceremonies and celebrate the expecting mother and her passge into Motherhood.

At a traditional Blessing Way, the expecting mom is completely put on a pedestal and pampered to her hear't's delight.  She recieves a foot bath with essentail oils (mine had precious tiny roses in it), a foot massage, and sometimes henna on her belly.  Her women surround her in a circle and tell stories to help her move toward the future and prepare her for what is to come.  At mine, my women made red yarn bracelets and they all wore them the whole next month.  They all cut their bracelets when the woman in charge of the cutting let everyone know via texts that I was in labor.  How special is that?!

Blessing Ways give a woman the feeling of power to go into child birth with the utmost courage and strength.  I seriously recieved that at my own.  I teared up at the end of all the gentle and miraculous pampering and told my women surrounding me that they truly did make me feel stronger and able to approach my natural home birth without fear.  And that I believe is the underlying reason for these special events to take place.  

I reeeeally encourage you to integrate your pregnancy and baby celebrations with the sweet ideas and messages that blessing ways represent.  Here is more info for a play by play list of how to create a traditional Blessing Way.  Below are images I have gathered of other blessing ways including a few from my own.