Our 1 Year Birthday as Mama and Sun

Soleil turns a year old this week and I am tripping out.  To be completely honest, I have been thinking mostly about child birth and the experience I went through a year ago.  I had a 40 hour natural birth and I still feel like I have not come back from the planet that I went to that day.  And then when I look at her, I understand why I am still on that high.  It is an indescribable feeling.  I give so much thanks to the Universe for giving me the strength to follow through with my birth plan and to work with the midwifery practice and gain the mama lion strength to do what women are meant to do on this planet.  For Soleil's first birthday my dear friend and colleague, Shannon Jayne Miller, photographed Soleil and I on the cliffs of the ocean near our house.  I am so thankful to have these forever.