I Wear My Baby | My Experience with Baby Wearing

Right before I read Soleil I read the most eye opening book that the Universe could have brought to me.  It is called the Continuum Concept and I highly recommend it to any mama.  In summary, the author talks about a tribe she studied while cohabitating with them and she witnessed how different their children acted within their society.  They expereince no "terrible two's" and the children played active roles in their community.

She also realized that these third world country mothers simply wear their babies on their chest in a sling and go right back to work-with their babies.  They don't separate their babies from them via stollers and cribs and day care.  I was so excited to read this and right away I started reseaching baby wearing.  Now there are so many companies out there making slings and wraps like Sakura Bloom and Solly Baby and I hope that Americans will catch on to this special way of bringing your baby into your world.  The sling I am wearing in this shoot is made by Aloha and Light and I absolutely adore it.  Soleil is so independent and confident and content to this very day and I know it is from wearing her during her firtst year of life.  We have the fancy Bob stroller and I probably have used it a dozen times in 13 months.  I am a proud baby wearing mama and I encourage you and your baby to triumph through baby wearing.  Photos by Shannon Jayne Miller