Blessing Way Hostess with the Mostest

If you have read my blog in depth, you will see that I am a huge fan of Blessing Ways.  Here is an article I wrote about defining exactly what a Blessing Way is.  I got to host one for my dearest and longest childhood best friend, Caitlin, this month and it was absolutely beautiful.  Caitlin actually hosted my Blessing Way for me in this space too about a year and a half prior, you can check mine out here.  

We gathered around here in a circle, poured strength all over her, I henna'd her belly for her birthing battle, we ate beautiful raw and vegan food, we made birhting bracelets that we all would cut when she went into labor, we offered her trinkets for her birthing alter and gifted her presents for the baby.  

I highly recommend hosting blessing ways as opposed to baby showers, because it focuses on the mother and the birthing process and not just the baby.  Another fun thing to do is host a co-ed party the week after the blessing way, so you can have a celebration for the baby daddy and all your friends.  You can't celebrate too much before the baby comes, that is for sure.