Mothersun Fall/Winter 2016 Has Arrived


This collection is unlike anything I have ever done before.  I simplified things around here and I also decided to print on dreamy comfy-as-heck organic cotton fabrics, recycled polyesters, and bamboo.  I brought back the breastfeeding tanks because they are so needed for so many women.  I am breastfeeding after 2.5 years and I still need them every time we go out, which is ever day!  I also brought back Mother Magic because it was a best seller and then I stopped making them because in my artist mind I am OCD and I have to constantly be making something new.  

This collection represents me in the new life I have created for myself sans Soleil's Dad.  I ended the relationship with my best friend and baby daddy earlier this year and have spent the summer and early fall doing some major healing and self care and exploring who I am in this new chapter and most importantly, how Mothersun was really going to support Soleil and myself financially.  So, voila, here is the new me.  A Warrior.  A weightless source of Light.  A Mother.  An Entrepreneur.  An Artist.  

I hope you enjoy this new direction, I really think it is the most refined version of my business.  I love you all and thank you for being here.  And now.... drum roll please, introducing "Mother*Goddess" photographed by my dear Shannon Jayne Miller of my dear long time friend and proprietress of the Juice Ranch, Erin Gomez and her family of boys.