Henna Lovin'

One thing that you probably do not know about me is that I have been a henna artist for 17 years now.  I got my first henna tattoo when I was 15 years old.  I spent 100$ and got ONE hand done, and for a 15 year old, that was a ton of money.  As a 32 year old, that is a ton of money!  So I decided I would learn how to do it myself.  I bought my first henna kit and started tattooing all my friends.  We would even henna in the classrooms in high school, somehow we got away with it.  I soon got a job doing it and it carried through college as a means to make money selling my art.  Looking back on this, it was the first time I ever made money doing my art.  

These days, now that I am a mom, I looooove henna'ing big beautiful pregnant bellies.  I have also done some wedding henna on hands.  Traditionally, henna is put on the skin for spiritual celebrations like birth and marriage.  It is very dear to my heart.  I wanted to share some of the henna pieces I have done in the last year or so.    Also, if you are thinking of trying henna for yourself, I have been using Henna Caravan since the very beginning.  Get your own kit and start decorating your skin!!