Mother Tribute Part I : Nicole Jessen

Nicole Jessen is the proprietrice of and lives and works in Santa Barbara CA.  After I have been able to get to know Nicki over this last year as a mom and entreprenuer, I feel like we are soul sisters.  I swear everything that comes out of her mouth is exactly how I feel.  She is a total boss lady of over a decade in the fashion world and she currently works her ass off with her bustling online boutique that I am so totally obsessed with.  

She and her sweet babe Eleanor were part of my mom and baby shoot I produced in my friend's lemon ranch in Carpinteria a few months ago.  I have been holding on to this shoot for a Mothers' Tribute just in time to celebrate Mothers' Day.  This is the first part of my week long blog post of some of my absolutely gorgeous mom friends and their absolutely gorgeous kiddos.

I asked Nicole what the biggest challenge was becoming a mom and what was the most rewarding thing and this is what she wrote me:

"Biggest challenge of becoming a mother was kind of an identity crisis for me. Yes, I felt like this was always something I was suppose to be, but I also felt though, that the 'me' I was before had completely disappeared and I was left to figure out who this new person was that I became in the matter of seconds. 

It's as if I was born again at the same moment my daughter was, and here we are growing up together in a whole new life. Figuring it out one moment at a time. 

The biggest reward has been that I planted this little seed, who is growing and sprouting into a beautiful person all of her own."

All photos are taken by Shannon Jayne Miller