Mother Tribute Part II : Lacey Lyons


Tonight's week long tribute for Mothers' Day is dedicated to this gorgeous mama.  Lacey and I used to waitress together in our early 20's and almost a decade later we are now mamas together and raising our sun girls together.  Literally, 2 sun girls.  Her little babe's name is Sunny and I just adore her.  I am so thrilled that Sunny and Sol get to grow up together.  I asked Lacey what her biggest challenge and what her biggest reward becoming a mama was.  And this is what she said:

"One of the biggest challenges I've faced as a new mom is learning to embrace being fully present in the moment. Setting aside my wants, expectations and to-do lists to find beauty and joy in the simple things and just be with my daughter. Focusing on the now and not worrying about what I think should be happening or what I need to get done brings me my greatest joy because it allows my daughter and I to connect on a deeper level. The other day we were outside looking at plants and bugs and laughing together and then she kisses my shoulder and snuggled into my chest and says "mama" and my heart exploded with pure love for this little girl and to me that is the greatest reward as a mom."

All photos are shot by Shannon Jayne Miller