Mother Tribute Part IV : Kimie Rosenthal

And my last mama of this Mother Tribute in honor of Mothers' Day is this super cool mega babe Kimie Rosenthal.  She is the magic guru mama behind the brand The October Union and we have worked together for years and now we have babies that were born within the same year.  So cool!  I have written about Kimie before on the blog here.

Kimie is the moon mama herself, literally, her babe's name is Yuma Moon.  And he is so freakin scrumptious, just look at that face!  I asked Kimie what her biggest challenge and greatest reward becoming a mama was and this is what she said:

"My biggest challenge is learning how to take time for myself when I need to, so that I do not become a full on monster.  I am still learning how to do that!  Biggest reward is that I get to hang out with the coolest person everyday.  I am lucky he chose me to be his mama and I am grateful to love him."