Labor Day at the Lake

GRANDPARENTS' HOUSE.  It sounds like a house made of gingerbread and chocolate and candy and you walk inside and there is a warm robe awaiting you, and a big glass of fresh cold water from a natural spring, and Ella Fitzgerald is singing on Sonos speakers up in the ceiling and well, it is heaven.  That is how I feel every time I go to my parent's house, who are now Soleil's amazing selfless grandparents.  We went home for Labor Day and one of my girlfriend's from high school joined us with her baby boy Haydn, and we all got to go swimming in the lake by my parent's house.  There were just so many opportune moments of my hats and round towel and two delicious toddlers that I ended up taking a ton of photos and wanted to share them with you.  Happy Labor Day everyone!!