A Nursery, a Bestie, her Mothersun Art, and Natural Childbirth

So what do you do when your best friend has a baby?  You fucking trip out and put a super hero cape on that says number one aunti and you fly to their side.  My bestie Fiona, who has been with me through thick and thin since we were 17 years old just had a 2 day and 2 night natural childbirth just like myself.  I am so over the moon proud of what she did, her birth story is the essence of female empowerment.  

I remember when Fi was telling me how she wanted her birth story to go and she specified that she wanted to labor on the beach before she went in to the birthing center.  And I was like, ummm, I don't know if you will necessarily want to be in public while you hold on to the outer strengths of your mind as your contractions try to kill you slowly.  I mean..... how else would you describe it eh?  And low and behold, Fiona made it to the beach, in the middle of all of her vomiting, she made it to the freakin beach.  Over 40 hours of labor!  No drugs, with loving midwives in a birthing center in San Diego called Birth Roots, just her and her amazing baby daddy, and finally FINALLY Judy.  I had been dreaming of photographing her laying on my full moon blanket for so long.  And they even had their Mothersun Owl Family art print hanging in the nursery.   I wish I had remembered my nikon camera, but these iphone photos will do for now.