Women's March X Santa Barbara

Holy shit Y'all, what crazy times to be an American, and to be alive.  I as a 33 year old have never been a part of a revolution before.  I truly feel like the women's march was a breathing living pulsating act of love felt throughout the entire world.  To stand with these amazing citizens of society who gave a huge fuck about what is happening felt good, it felt strong.  We stood in solidarity for so much.

Now, if I had written this blog post as soon as I got home from the march, I would have written a completely different blog post as I am writing today, a week later.  The whole world was on such a high, we all felt so amazing, so accomplished.  And then what did Trump do?  He told us that he didn't give a shit about what we are saying and in fact, he would punish us more cruelly for it.

And that he did.  But I know, that we are strong, that this fight isn't over.  I know we can show the rest of the world that he is not our president and he does not speak for us.  That we welcome refugees into this country to find safe refuge and new life and prosperity, and we love and appreciate this beautiful diversity that this country has always been.  World, please know that this is who we truly are. And that even though, somehow part of this country voted him in, there are more of us who voted him out.  And we are intelligent, we are strong, we are passionate, and we will never back down.

Here is a little bit of my photos from that unforgettable day...