If We Accepted Each Other's Differences

Something really remarkable happened in my life the day after the Women's March.  I posted something about how I had lost a significant amount of followers due to my support for Planned Parenthood.  In the same remark, I stated, "That's ok, I don't need people in my life who believe that Planned Parenthood is a baby killing organization anyways."  

Minutes laster, I received a message from a girlfriend of mine saying how disappointed she was in me for saying that because she is one of those people who believe Planned Parenthood is a baby killing organization.  Now, this girlfriend of mine, she is a lawyer who is very intelligent, very respectful, and she has always supported my business from day one.  I care about what she has to say and I certainly care about her feelings, and I do cherish her friendship.  I, in no way, would ever want to disrespect her.

So, how did I handle her message about how upset she was about what I said?  I went back and deleted that one line that made her so upset and I wrote her back and told her that I was listening and that I was so appreciative of what she said.  I have spoken about my support for Planned Parenthood before a few times on Instagram (even though I know it is suicide for a business to speak about politics) and each time, those who oppose Planned Parenthood have been nasty, have ridiculed me, and have unfollowed me.  So, before my friend ever messaged me about that remark I made, I had already made up in my mind that I would be defensive when people were mean about the things I shared on my page.  Well, when I said that comment, I became one of those nasty people on the other side of the coin.  So in a sense, I had done to my friend what those othershad done to me.  And I felt horrible for it.

I will never ever ever try to convince her about my super strong belief about why Planned Parenthood really is not a baby killing organization.  And she will never be able to convince me that Planned Parenthood is a baby killing organization.  But, what we can do , is continue to be friends, no matter what we believe in.  I do hope that we will be friends forever, and I truly look up to her in higher regards now than I ever did.  I respect her as my friend, as a woman, as an American, and as a citizen to humanity.  And that is what matters most, especially in these crazy times.  That we LOVE EACHOTHER NO MATTER WHAT.  I do wish we could all look at each other and accept our differences the way my friend and I did, and to live in peace amongst each other.  

I was vegan for 8 years, and the meat eaters were the one's who took it so defensively when I told them I did not eat any animal products.  Why  the hell should they care?  I was not preaching to them about why I did not eat animals.  And I did not care that they chose to eat meat.  It was just my choice, in my own life.  And it was their choice, in their own life, to eat meat. Why was it that something so simple like what kind of food we choose to eat, can spark controversy when its different from your own lifestyle?  For you to be a meat eater and for me to be a vegan makes this earth so much cooler than if we all did the same boring thing.  And how beautiful is that?  Diversity is so beautiful.  Differences are so necessary.  Why do we seem to not be able to accept eachother's differences and move on with our lives?