Birthday Trip to the Lake


These days, when I think about birthdays, I really think about the mom first.  That day she did all the work.  She birthed not only her child, but herself as well. She became a new human that day.  So, I have decided that every year, when I celebrate Sol's birthday, I will celebrate myself that day too.  Because it is my birthday as well.  This year I wanted to do something special, especially because this is really the first year Sol's dad and I are doing this as single parents.  So, for my weekend, I really wanted to go big.

I planned a girls trip with my two best friends who just happened to have children that were Sol's besties too.  The trip consisted of a 5 hour train ride from SB to SD and then a 45 minute drive out to my parents' house in the east part of San Diego County.  We had such a blast!!!!  BTW, traveling by train with kids is the BEST!  I will remember this trip always.  Here are some of my fav picis from the weekend.  We lounged hardcore, took canoe rides, swam in the beautiful lake, drank wine, had slumber parties with our babies, ate so much good food, and got to hang out with my parents who are the best grandparents in the whole world.  Honestly, it was a little tough coming back, but I do have to launch the Summer Collection next week so I am pretty excited about that too.