Mothersun Does Yoga

I recently teamed up with my sister company Solei Yoga, LA yoga instructor, Marielle Ebersol (@brighteyesyogini), and Daughters of Culture to produce this yoga inspired lookbook shoot in Venice.  The whole day was full of sparks and smiles and love. Soleil joined me on set and wasa dream toddler.  She was so awesome.  After watching Marielle do her yoga poses for the camera, Sol would imitate her poses.  It was so rad. 

We styled my trucker hats with Alo yoga and Daughters of culture and Solei Yoga bags, and I love this whole combo.  It worked really great.  I just started selling to a few yoga shops, so this is all in alignment for Mothersun.  If you are a yoga retailer and interested in any of my goods, please shoot me an email at